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Steam turbine fuel saving tips

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  1. Check and clean up steam turbine cylinder joint surface and internal, and make records. Because the moving and static parts in the cylinder are small, the maintenance should be very careful.

  2. Disassemble and check the steam turbine cylinder to remove the panel and insulation. When the cylinder wall temperature drops to normal temperature, can be lifted off the panel and remove insulation. Disassemble and inspect cylinder bolts.

  3. Bolt disassembly the steam turbine cylinder bolts are generally disassembled according to the low pressure section, medium pressure section and high pressure section, while the tightening section is opposite. The bolts are tightened symmetrically each time, and the bolts are tightened according to the detailed rules. Bolt fastening is divided into cold tightening and hot tightening, high pressure bolts with large diameter should be hot tightening, medium and low pressure cylinder bolts are mostly cold tightening; When reloading, the threaded portion of the bolt shall be coated with a high-temperature anti-bite mixture (e.g., molybdenum disulfide).



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