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Steam turbine maintenance considerations are what

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  1. Isolation measures should be taken for water, steam, oil, electricity and other systems before maintenance, and signs should be checked.

  2. Check lifting equipment and tools.

  (1) the wire rope shall be free from aging, broken strands and loose chuck.

  (2) the clasp shall be free from cracks, damage and bolts without sliding teeth.

  (3) check whether the gourd has slide chain, gourd hook has no deformation, chain buckle welding joint has no corrosion, chain jam, etc.

  (4) the brake and lubrication system should be good and reliable.

  (5) the lifting equipment to check the debugging crane qualified.

  3.lifting personnel to hold the operation certificate on duty, to operate skilled, command personnel to be appropriate, personnel collocation to be reasonable and reliable.

  4. The lifting site shall be complete and sufficient.

  (1) when the hanging objects move in the air, evacuate people below and avoid important equipment below.

  (2) reasonable location, to have enough bearing capacity.

  5.in the process of lifting should pay attention to whether there is no accident at each bearing point, whether there is abnormal sound or fracture phenomenon of the driving, wire rope, clamping ring.

  6. When lifting the upper cylinder, pay attention to the vertical degree of up and down. After lifting the upper cylinder, pay attention to the oil inlet and outlet should be covered to prevent dirt falling into the oil tank.



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