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Structural characteristics of lubricating oil purification unit during steam turbine reformation

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  A complete set of lubricating oil purification device for steam turbine transformation is composed of oil tank, filter screen, oil transfer pump, multi-function oil filter and other parts. The main function of the lubricating oil purification treatment device is to restore the oil performance and reach the operating standard. The treated oil does not change the properties of the oil, remove any additives or inhibitors from the oil, or increase the acidity of the oil.

  1. Regeneration method: if the turbine lubricating oil to be treated is already too acidic to exceed the standard, a regeneration acid removal purification device should be added to the oil purification device, which is specially designed for neutralization and recovery of oxidation and oil with high acid value.

  2. Dehydration mode: no matter it is a conventional or multi-functional oil filter, the general dehydration mode is coalescing and vacuum-combining. Free water and saturated water in turbine lubricating oil can be removed, emulsification can be broken, and water gas in oil can be quickly removed. Moreover, the internal structure of vacuum separation tower should be stainless steel, so that the three-dimensional flash system can be durable.

  3. Filtration method: as for the method of impurity purification, it is possible to select plate and frame oil filter to deal with large particles of impurities, and mainly use filter element filter medium to intercept them. High-precision filter element configuration can effectively guarantee the cleanliness of turbine lubricating oil.



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