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Efficient unit

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Efficient unit1
  Product introduction:
  The normal power range of this model: 1000~6000kw; Steam inlet pressure: 2.0~ 5.0mpa; Temperature: corresponding saturation temperature ~500℃; Rotation speed: up to 8500rpm; This model is used for dragging water pump, fan compressor, generator, etc.
  Advantages: compact structure, light weight, small size, high efficiency, wide range of use.
  Basic product configuration:
arrangement Single/double layer
Maximum speed(rpm) 8500
Lubrication way Forced lubrication
Lubrication way 6000
Maximum admission pressure(MPa) 5.0
Maximum exhaust pressure(MPa) 1.1
Adjust the way Electro-hydraulic regulating
Sealing way Steel belt gland
Overall dimensions 2140×2000×2140
The total About 4.5 tons
Cooling water consumption (t/h) 30
Connection pipe size (inlet diameter; Exhaust diameter) DN150;DN400
Assembly of rotor and impeller Solid rotor
Overspeed protection Mechanical protection, electronic protection




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