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  • 1819-08 Thanksgiving Christmas love in eol
    The annual Christmas day is coming. In order to enhance the cohesion of employees and enrich their spare time, eao held the safe fruit delivery activity on December 24, 2018. Big and fresh peace fruit, beautiful wrapping paper, full of love...
  • 1819-08 Elite team sets out to dream in zibo eao
    The year is in the spring, spring, all things recovery. Zibo eao full of hope and strength to meet the next time. The first quarter of 2019 has come to an end and it is now April. Eko also held a CS+ BBQ barbecue on April 23 in chiomisan. S...
  • 1819-08 The king of the world is fighting for sup
    In order to enrich the spare time life of the employees, enhance the team cohesion and show the self-style of the employees, zibo eao successfully held the eao cup basketball game in zibo qisheng hotel on December 21, 2017. The bonus team a...
  • 1819-08 The 9th anniversary of the ewe win the fu
    -- 2019 annual meeting The end of 2018, zibo eao has gone through a full nine years; Starting from 2019, zibo eao set sail for the 10th year. In 2018, were all running; In 2019, we will win the future together. On January 19, 2019, all the...
  • 1819-08 Welcome to the goddess festival - gift st
    On March 8, zibo eao goddesses received the gifts carefully prepared by the company. The gifts were wonderful... , get heavy gifts, each goddess is smiling, feeling good. Theres more to come -- paid afternoons off. May all the goddesses hav...
  • 1819-08 Fire safety eol in action
    Safety is the top priority of enterprise work, in order to enhance the fire awareness of employees, understand the safety hazards can be quickly and effectively escape methods. Zibo eao organized a fire safety drill for all members on Febru...


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