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technical strength

 Design concept

  The modern mechanical design method is introduced to ensure the reliability, ease of use and economy of product design. With the product function requirement as the design criterion, the design goal is to achieve green energy conservation, and innovation is made in the early autumn to continuously improve the product market competitiveness.

  Reliability design

  Reliability analysis includes:

  Analysis of strength and stiffness of main parts of steam turbine

  Simulation analysis of steam flow state of Valve assembly and flow section

  Leaf blade strength

The finite element analysis of the blade was carried out by means of CAE software. The tensile strength, fatigue strength and root strength of the blade were verified to ensure the safety of the equipment.

  An example of strength analysis of leaf root in leaf blade

  Steam turbine chassis
The strength and stiffness of the chassis directly affect the vibration characteristics of the unit. Enough stiffness can ensure that the vibration value of the unit is within the design range.

  Critical Speed Analysis

  The multi-order frequency analysis of the rotor assembly model can be used to obtain the multi-order critical speed of the rotor, which provides a theoretical reference for the high-speed dynamic balance test of the rotor.

  Analysis of Main Valve Strength and Flow Simulation
The main valve shell is one of the important components of steam turbine, and is the key to the safe and stable operation of the unit. This analysis guarantees the design safety and sufficient steam flow capability of the main valve valve housing.

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