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  Zibo eao steam turbine co., ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise established in zibo city, shandong province, located in zibo high-tech zone science and technology industrial park. Zibo eao is a steam turbine manufacturing, sales, installation, debugging, upgrading and transformation, parts and overhaul service, BOT general contract and power plant maintenance as one of the production service enterprises.

  Company of Germany's Siemens relying on advanced technology and the development of the technical team strength, the main production used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power, metallurgy, paper making, textile printing and dyeing and other industrial departments and enterprises self-power station, regional cogeneration, waste heat power generation of small power steam turbine generator set and driving water pump, fan, etc. Use of steam turbine.

  Development status: mainly for domestic and foreign energy production and high energy consumption enterprises, the company has provided hundreds of enterprises with efficient products of energy utilization and energy-saving conversion since its establishment.

  Corporate culture: the company to "science and technology to save energy, boost development of the world" as the core value, all based on the requirement of the user, hope that through professional level and unremitting efforts, to maximize the help enterprises to make good use of energy, and maximum energy conservation, the comprehensive utilization of energy for the enterprise development cycle to provide services to guide; We firmly believe that providing customers with not only steam turbine, but also high efficiency and energy saving service.

  Quality assurance: the production and manufacture of steam turbines are completely in accordance with the relevant national industry standards, with a sound ISO quality assurance system, and tracking service system, saving your worries.

  After-sales service: ewa steam turbine attaches great importance to after-sales service, the company has a detailed after-sales service system and high-quality service team, to provide lifelong maintenance services for users.

  Industry exhibition:

  ■ condensing steam turbine used for waste heat recovery in iron and steel smelting industry; The new steam is the steam supplementary condensing steam turbine with saturation temperature, the minimum steam pressure is only 0.45mpa, and the steam inlet temperature is 6MW waste heat generating steam turbine set with saturation temperature.

  ■ used in the chemical industry to drive the steam pressure 0.98 ~ 6.5mpa for high speed fans, compressors, circulating water pumps, steam inlet temperature is 260 ~ 520℃, rated speed up to 3000 ~ 12600r/min steam turbine set.

  ■ used for circulating pump of heat supply enterprise.

  ■ it is used to drive various kinds of boiler feed water pump with installed capacity below 100MW. At present, our company has 12 series of steam turbines of more than 40 varieties. Small back pressure steam turbine has unique advantages that cannot be replaced by other prime movers: it can meet the needs of power generation and steam, and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of thermal energy is high, and the cost of power generation is low; It can also meet the emergency requirements that the power grid is suddenly cut off, and the process does not allow the motor equipment to stop working.

  ■ used for industrial thermal user enterprises steam turbine generator sets, the use of district heating power plant steam supply pressure and heat unit actual production of steam pressure differential power generation, thermal user enterprises to achieve combined generation, improve steam utilization efficiency, objective effect.

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