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BOT total package&Plant protect shipment

  one . BOT general contract

  1.sanmenxia carbon waste heat power generation package


  Scope of supply: steam turbine, generator, waste heat boiler, water treatment equipment, circulating pump, electric cabinet and instrument, etc

  Turbine model: n0.85-2.35

  Main parameters: admission pressure 2.35mpa, admission temperature 390℃

  2.linyi a thermal power company coal boiler supporting power generation general contract


  Scope of supply: steam turbine, generator

  Turbine model: b2.5-4.9/0.9

  Main parameters: 4.9mpa steam inlet pressure, 470℃ steam inlet temperature; Exhaust pressure is 0.9mpa and exhaust temperature is 300℃

  Second, the confirmed delivery

  1. Qitaihe biomass power generation


  Project description: biomass power comprehensive treatment plant boiler, turbine generator set transportation

  Equipment profile: 1 30t/h medium temperature and medium pressure incineration chain furnace, 2 3000kw steam turbine generator set

  2. Nigeria generates electricity with one furnace and one machine


  Project description: Nigeria self-owned power station power generation contractor

  Equipment profile: 1 10t/h water pipe chain furnace and 1 1500kw steam turbine generator set

BOT total package&Plant protect shipment

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